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Why Diversifying Yourself Is Important!

Success Stories, Management and Leadership.   Friday, May 27, 2022

Rovina V


Kushan Amarasinghe started his career as a graduate in Food Science and Technology from the prestigious University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Today, as National Operations Head of Asian Paints Causeway, he has built his career in Supply Chain and Operations, with experience across multiple industries. He is an entrepreneurial enthusiast and a thought leader, having built a strong following as a trainer in Lean & Six Sigma and is the pioneer of his unique training workshop, ‘Corporate Athlete’ which he aimed at developing industry professionals to be mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally fit to unleash the fullest potential.

I met Kushan personally during a brief encounter at the Great HR Conference. Our interaction was just a maximum of around 10 minutes and yet, he is someone who truly stood out from the crowd, from his warm and charismatic way of connecting with people around him to his humble nature.

Over the years to follow, he has never ceased to inspire with the amazing work he continues to do and how he makes the most of his time to fulfill multiple roles, from a successful business leader, entrepreneur, trainer, thought leader, investor, father, husband, friend, to any hat he chooses to don for the moment. Yet, he never fails to remember a random favor asked or to follow up on a resume shared, which many others far less busy than him, would rarely remember.

I was very inspired as he shared his concept of ‘Being a Corporate Athlete’ which he first implemented and lived the principles, himself. Of course, I had to ask Kushan to feature as our very first guest on Careers360 Insights on the topic of Diversification and why it is so important for people looking to excel in their careers, today.

We hope you would be as inspired as we were, as we had a very engaging conversation with Kushan, as you watch the video below!

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