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Want a Career in Marketing?

Success Stories, Management and Leadership.   Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

Amaya G


Kavi Rajapaksha has done it all. She started her career as a Chemistry student who joined Unilever as a management trainee, hoping to be in the Research and Development department and then later entered into the world of Marketing almost by mistake.

The best part? Kavi, excelled in the field of Marketing and went onto become Chief Marketing Officer of Softlogic Life team. She speaks on her journey into marketing in our interview and states “They loved me, I loved Marketing and the rest was history”. Women, don’t come gutsier than this. Listening to her story of triumph and success, we observed how she took huge risks by relearning a lot of things.

Her story brings a unique perspective to today’s marketing and the importance of branding. Taken together, she provides some wonderful insights and into her thoughts about the new trends of the marketing landscape in Sri Lanka.

What makes her story so compelling later on, is when she admits that the perception we create when branding is in the hands of the marketer. Similarly, Kavi says, what people say about you when you’re not in the room is your brand. She also goes on to say how marketing is important in positioning a country’s brand image to support its economic development and how marketing can play a vital role in creating a good image of our island of treasure, Sri Lanka, in the minds of the world. Her thoughts on the sustainability of Marketing should be heard by anyone who wants to enter the world of Marketing. She reasons that despite the advancement of technology such as robotics, human creativity will still be required in the future, which makes careers such as marketing a sustainable one.

From being a student of Chemistry to bringing a unique perspective to her world of Marketing, she successfully integrated the two and learnt the ‘Chemistry of Marketing’ herself. Kavi Rajapaksha’s story is an opportunity to learn from change and perhaps, what we see as mistakes could just be our next big stepping-stone moment in life.

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