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LinkedIn 101: How to Create an Effective Professional Online Presence

Career Development / Career Growth, Networking.   Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022

Uma R


Do you know what turns off a hiring manager? A faceless online profile that’s half completed – does this create a first good impression? Did you know that you must complete your Careers360 profile up to at least 80% in order to be found by headhunters? No matter how great of a candidate you are, you won’t get discovered with an incomplete profile – and that’s a shame when you have a lot to offer!

In today’s tech-savvy world, the majority of employers are using online platforms and social media to recruit candidates. The pandemic has only accelerated this strategy with the development of remote work and virtual businesses.

This means that you as a job seeker must adapt to the new world of work and establish a strong professional online presence if you want to be discovered by recruiters and land your best chance at an awesome company.

Leveraging your online presence is one of the most important things you can do for your professional reputation. It’s a powerhouse that not only gives you your digital professional persona, but also provides ample opportunities to build and sustain relationships with industry professionals and showcase your expertise. Participating in online discussions, engaging with other professionals, and getting discovered by recruiters require you to have a solid profile – without which, you could go unnoticed.

You may ask, “how do I stand out when there are countless other candidates looking for similar work?”. Luckily, there are key strategies you can implement to create a compelling personal brand that will impress hiring managers and your future employer.

It’s not only the smart thing to do – it’s also easy and quick! Investing a little bit of your time goes a long way and you never know what opportunities can emerge as a result.

Convinced? Read on.

Here’s everything you need to know to create an outstanding profile.

We’ll walk you through your profile, step by step.

Step 1: Upload a professional photo

Did you know that profiles that have a photo are more likely to get views? This is the first thing people notice – therefore, it’s important to get a high-quality professional photo of yourself. Make sure you have a high-quality camera, good lighting, and a plain background. Dress in professional attire by wearing a blazer and shirt or blouse. Take a close-up portrait photo with you smiling directly at the camera.

Step 2: Write a headline

Next to your photo, your headline is the very next thing people notice. Keep your headline concise and clear. You can also get creative with how you describe your professional identity. Some examples are below:

  • Digital Marketing Strategist and SEO Specialist

  • Content Writer | I write words for a living

  • Mechanical Engineering student | Seeking internships in the Biomedical Engineering field

Step 3: Add your Industry and Location

Don’t skip this step as these two fields are often used by headhunters and recruiters to filter their search for candidates.

Step 4: Write a summary (about section)

The about section is your chance to describe your professional story and elaborate on your career trajectory. Share the “why” behind your chosen profession, what you are passionate about, and highlight some of your key skills and achievements.

Step 5: Add your work experience

If you are just starting out or still in university, add the internships you’ve completed. Just like in a resume, don’t list your job responsibilities. Describe the results you achieved – we want to know how you’ve added value to an organisation, not a laundry list of what you’ve done.

Step 6: Add your education

List your educational qualifications and include any special honours or academic achievements you’ve received. You may also include activities and societies you’ve been involved in. Your extra-curricular activities demonstrate that you are a well-rounded person with the ability to balance studies, hobbies, and interests. It also gives you opportunities to develop skills which can add to your capabilities.

Step 7: Add your skills

List at least five skills and competencies here. The skills section gives recruiters a snapshot of what you are capable of.

Step 8: Add volunteer experience, courses, projects, and awards

Volunteer experiences can in come especially handy if you are a student or entry-level worker with not much work experience. This is another way to showcase your skills, initiative, and interests.

If there are courses and projects that you’d like to showcase, add them under the relevant sections, particularly if you’ve done projects or research that are relevant to your dream role.

Step 9: Add Languages

In an ever-increasingly connected world, knowing more than one language is important to build relationships within a diverse culture and across borders. This is especially important if you are seeking foreign employment or if your job requires being able to communicate in multiple languages.

There you have it! That was easy, wasn’t it? Nine easy steps to create an outstanding online profile. If you haven’t already, sign up at Careers360 and create your profile now!

Once you’ve created your profile, the platform is your oyster. There are so many things you can do to build and nurture relationships, look for jobs, share your knowledge and insights, and learn from other professionals.

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